Rostaniha (Botanical Journal of Iran), publishes original botanical articles (full-length, short articles, short reports, review articles, monographs and book reviews) in the systematics and biodiversity of fungi and plants resulting from pure research carried out in the related fields.

Current Issue: Volume 22, Issue 2 - Serial Number 62, December 2021, Pages 159-327 

Species distribution patterns of Ferula sect. Merwia

Pages 159-185

Mehrnoush Panahi; Mohammad Mahmoodi

First karyotype analysis of Nerium oleander populations in Iran

Pages 186-193

Fatemeh Ebrahimi; Majid Ghorbani Nohooji; Seied Mehdi Miri

Genetic and morphological diversity in Iranian Medicago polymorpha populations by using morphological and ITS analysis

Pages 194-208

Samane-Sadat Emami-Tabatabaei; Mostafa Assadi; Ernest Small; Mohammad Mehdi Dehshiri; Iraj Mehregan

Pollen micromorphological study of some Chenopodiaceae species and their taxonomical relationships in Iran

Pages 209-222

Afsaneh Jalilzadeh; Seyed Mohammad Mehdi Hamdi; Younes Asri; Mostafa Assadi; Alireza Iranbakhsh

Chromosome studies on some species of Angiosperms from Iran

Pages 223-229

Mahmoud Ghaffari; Abbas Ghamari Zare; Fereshteh Asadi Corom; Mansoureh Sedaghati

Floristic study of suggested hunting-prohibited area of Dorodzan dam (Central Zagros, Iran)

Pages 230-249

Amin Zeraatkar; Farrokh Ghahremaninejad; Ahmadreza Khosravi

Taxonomic significance based on palynological data of the genus Sedum in Iran

Pages 259-272

Maryam Mohammadi Shahrestani; Marzieh Beygom Faghir

Foliar micromorphology of some selected species of the genus Artemisia and its taxonomic implications

Pages 273-285

Zahra Karbalaei; Azadeh Akhavan Roofigar; Gholam Reza Balali; Ali Bagheri

A new subspecies of Reseda microcarpa from Iran

Pages 310-324

Massoud Ranjbar; Mahtab Asgari Nematian

Reporting a new weedy Euphorbia species from Iran

Pages 325-327

Amirhossein Pahlevani; Behrouz Khalil Tahmasebi