Rostaniha (Botanical Journal of Iran), publishes original botanical articles (full-length, short articles, short reports, review articles, monographs and book reviews) in the systematics and biodiversity of fungi and plants resulting from pure research carried out in the related fields.

Current Issue: Volume 21, Issue 2 - Serial Number 60, Summer and Autumn 2020, Pages 141-302 

1. Biological investigation of Lilium ledebourii in Iran

Pages 141-153

Salman Maleki Choreh; Fatemeh Zarinkamar; Mehrdad Nazari

3. Systematics of Alhagi: molecular phylogeny and morphology revisited

Pages 174-184

Arezoo Amirkhosravi; Younes Asri; Mostafa Assadi; Iraj Mehregan

4. Petiole anatomical features in Salix and some of its relatives in the family Salicaceae

Pages 185-205

Shokoufeh Hamzehloo; Farrokh Ghahremaninejad; Ehsan Hoseini

6. Optimized DNA extraction and purification method from Alchemilla species using polyethylene glycol

Pages 218-230

Samira Shokatyari; Marzieh Beigom Faghir; Shahrokh Kazempour Osaloo; Mohammad Mahdi Sohani

7. Genetic diversity and population structure of Iranian Ephedra major

Pages 231-247

Somayeh Ghanbari Hamedani; Younes Asri; Iraj Mehregan

9. Study of genetic variation among some Gossypium spp. genotypes available in Iran using ISSR molecular marker

Pages 264-277

Zahra Tajik Khaveh; Alireza Iranbakhsh; Mosareza Vafaie Tabar; Mostafa Ebadi

13. Solanum viarum (Solanaceae), a new invasive plant for Iran

Pages 299-302

Majid Eskandari; Nilufar Abdi Fouladkolaei