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1 Dept. of Plant Protection, College of Agriculture, Bu-Ali Sina Univ., Hamedan, Iran

2 Plant Pests & Diseases Res. Inst., P.O. Box 1454, Tehran 19395, Iran

3 Dept. of Plant Pathology, College of Agriculture, Tarbiat Modarres Univ., Tehran, Iran


Some 350 Trichoderma isolates were obtained from soil samples collected from different parts of Iran. Cultures were purified on 2% water agar by hyphal tip method prior to identification. Obtained isolates were identified using morphological features including colony characters (pigmentation and growth rate on PDA) and microscopic characters such as shape of conidiophores, shape and size of conidia and phialides. Microscopic features of conidiophores and shape and size of conidia were studied and recorded 3–5 days after inoculation on cultures grown on 2% MEA at 20°C under ambient laboratory conditions by using light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Ten species including T. citrinoviride, T. longibrachiatum, T. saturnisporum, T. hamatum, T. harzianum, T. inhamalum, T. tomentosum, T. virens, T. asperellum and T. koningii were already identified and reported from Iran (ZAFARI et al. 2002) and three new species, T. ghanense (Fig. 1), T. spirale (Fig. 2) and T. atroviride (Fig. 3) from sections Longibrachiatum, Pachybasium and Trichoderma, respectively, are reported here. Trichoderma atroviride is known as one of the most important biocontrol agents against plant diseases caused by some pathogenic fungi.


Article Title [Persian]

معرفی سه گونه جدید تریکودرما برای میکوفلور ایران

Authors [Persian]

  • دوستمراد ظفری 1
  • رسول زارع 2
  • جعفر ارشاد 2
  • عزیزاله علیزاده 3
1 گروه گیاهپزشکی دانشگاه بوعلی سینا، همدان
2 بخش تحقیقات رستنی‌ها، موسسه تحقیقات آفات و بیماری‌های‌‌گیاهی، صندوق پستی 1454، تهران 19395
3 گروه بیماری‌شناسی گیاهی دانشگاه تربیت مدرس, تهران
Abstract [Persian]

در این بررسی سه گونه شامل Trichoderma ghanense، ‏‏T. spirale وT. atroviride که به ترتیب متعلق به بخش‎های Longibrachiatum، Pachybasium و Trichoderma می‎باشند، به عنوان گونه‎هایی جدید برای میکوفلور ایران شناسایی و گزارش می‎گردند. در این میان T. atroviride در کنترل بیولوژیکی عوامل بیماریزای گیاهی حایز اهمیت است.

Keywords [Persian]

  • تریکودرما
  • ایران
  • میکوفلور
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Volume 5, Issue 2
Winter and Spring 2005
Pages 159-170
  • Receive Date: 03 July 2004
  • Revise Date: 24 October 2004
  • Accept Date: 22 December 2004